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Music has the incredible power to convey emotions and tell stories. Sometimes, the meaning behind a song isn’t immediately clear, and listeners find themselves wondering what the lyrics are trying to say. “Paper Walls” by Rezz & Metric is one such song that leaves room for interpretation. In this article, we’ll attempt to decode the message of “Paper Walls” without delving too deeply into the lyrics.

The song opens with the lyrics, “And here’s my stop, just drop me off, and I’ll walk the last few hours of night.” This verse sets a contemplative tone, as if the protagonist is embarking on a journey, both physically and emotionally. It could symbolize leaving behind something familiar and stepping into the unknown.

“Missing sacred things I had to leave behind, to solo travel light,” suggests that the journey is a conscious choice. The notion of leaving sacred things behind could signify sacrifices made in the pursuit of personal growth or self-discovery. It’s as if the protagonist is shedding unnecessary baggage to find clarity.

“I suppose we’ll see, start again where we left off, I can’t see how we can ask the past to take us back, but it won’t, we’re too far gone now.” These lines hint at the idea of starting anew, perhaps after a period of separation or conflict. The past, however, is portrayed as immutable, emphasizing that some things can’t be undone or revisited.

“Some other world, some other life, some other place, some paradise,” these recurring lines suggest a yearning for something different, something better. The idea of a paradise implies an idealized state that the protagonist hopes to reach or return to.

“My fortress made of paper walls, and my defenses had to fall.” This line introduces the concept of vulnerability. The fortress made of paper walls signifies that the protagonist’s defenses are not impenetrable, and they’ve come to recognize the need to let their guard down.

“Every word I say sounds world away from where on earth you’ve gone.” This line highlights a sense of disconnection and distance. It seems that communication has become strained, and the protagonist’s words no longer have the impact they once did.

“I suppose we’ll see, start again where we left off, I can’t say when, we can ask the past to take us back, but it won’t, I’m not that girl I was then.” Here, there’s a realization that personal growth and change have occurred. The past cannot be revisited because the protagonist has evolved and is no longer the same person they once were.

In “Paper Walls,” Rezz & Metric create a musical narrative that touches on themes of personal growth, the passage of time, and the desire for change. While the lyrics are somewhat cryptic, they invite listeners to reflect on their own experiences and the choices they’ve made in life. The song’s dreamy and reflective melody enhances its contemplative mood, making it a thought-provoking piece of music that invites us to ponder our own journeys and the paper walls we may need to let fall.

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