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April 17, 2024

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Action Over Emotion: Why What You Do Matters More Than How You Feel

In a world where emotions often take center stage, there exists a profound truth: it doesn’t really matter how you…

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Music has always been a powerful medium for conveying emotions, stories, and messages. The song “Open Blinds” by DROELOE is no exception. With its evocative lyrics and mesmerizing melodies, this track explores themes of self-discovery, resilience, and the pursuit of a meaningful life. In this article, we’ll delve into the lyrics of “Open Blinds” and decode the message that the artist is trying to convey.

Verse 1:

My alarm starts ringing I promised myself To wake up, start living But you can all go to hell

The song begins with a sense of awakening, both literal and metaphorical. The alarm ringing represents a call to action, a moment of realization. The narrator had promised themselves that they would start living, but something seems to be holding them back. The line, “But you can all go to hell,” suggests frustration and a desire to break free from external influences or judgments that have been hindering their progress.


I can’t believe I’m Losing my time By hating myself Because I’m not spending it right

In the chorus, the artist reflects on the self-destructive behavior of wasting time and self-loathing. It’s a universal feeling many people can relate to – the idea that we often criticize ourselves for not living up to our own expectations or societal standards. This part of the song emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance and self-love.

Verse 2:

I’m done with the voices Don’t care about fear And try to remind myself I am still here I miss the excitement from when I was young But every day is a new one My life just begun

In the second verse, the artist speaks of overcoming inner doubts and fears. “I’m done with the voices” suggests a determination to silence the negative self-talk and external criticism. There’s a longing for the excitement and vitality of youth, but also a recognition that every day brings new opportunities for growth and self-discovery. “My life just begun” conveys a sense of renewal and the potential for a fresh start.


(My life just begun) (My life just begun) (My life just begun) (My life just begun)

The repetition of “My life just begun” in the bridge reinforces the idea of a new beginning and serves as a mantra for the narrator’s transformation.

Final Chorus:

My alarm starts ringing Try and listen today And wake up start living No pushing away

Don’t know what to say To wake up from the ruse But I’ll take control Over what I will Choose to live by, strong intention, I’ll try To host my intervention Choose to live by, strong intention, I’ll try And try again, try again, try again, try again, try again

The final chorus reiterates the importance of waking up and living in the present moment. There’s a call to stop pushing away or avoiding life’s challenges. The narrator acknowledges their struggle to find the right words or actions to break free from their self-imposed limitations. However, they express a determination to take control, make intentional choices, and host their own intervention – a metaphor for self-improvement and growth.

In conclusion, “Open Blinds” by DROELOE is a song that delves into the inner struggles and aspirations of the narrator. It encourages listeners to overcome self-doubt, embrace the present, and make deliberate choices to live a more fulfilling life. The song’s message is one of hope and resilience, reminding us that every day offers a new opportunity to begin anew.


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