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In the complex tapestry of human relationships, there exists a pervasive desire for perfection that often leads individuals to discard connections that do not meet their lofty standards. While the pursuit of perfection is a deeply ingrained human trait, it can have devastating consequences on our personal and social lives. In this article, we will explore the reasons why some people choose to throw away relationships when they are not perfect and the potential costs of such a disposition.

The Pursuit of Perfection

The quest for perfection is a ubiquitous human aspiration. We strive for perfect bodies, perfect jobs, and perfect relationships. Society’s relentless promotion of idealized images in media, coupled with the influence of social media, has exacerbated this phenomenon. These unrealistic standards lead some individuals to believe that they deserve nothing less than perfection in every aspect of life, including their relationships.

  1. Unrealistic Expectations

One of the primary reasons some people discard relationships is the burden of unrealistic expectations. They might expect their partner to never make mistakes, to always be in a good mood, and to fulfill their every desire. When these expectations aren’t met (and they rarely are), disappointment and dissatisfaction set in, leading to a desire to abandon the relationship in pursuit of someone who can better meet these unattainable ideals.

  1. Fear of Vulnerability

Another factor contributing to relationship abandonment is the fear of vulnerability. Opening up to someone, sharing one’s flaws, and acknowledging that perfection is unattainable can be intimidating. Some people may choose to leave a relationship rather than confront their own vulnerabilities or face the imperfections of their partner.

  1. Instant Gratification Culture

In our modern, fast-paced world, instant gratification often takes precedence over the slower process of building and nurturing a relationship. When issues arise or imperfections surface, some individuals may opt to cut ties and seek a new relationship in the hope of finding perfection without investing the time and effort required to work through challenges.

The Costs of Throwing Away Relationships

While the pursuit of perfection may offer temporary relief, it often comes at a significant cost.

  1. Emotional Turmoil

Constantly seeking perfection can lead to emotional turmoil. The cycle of starting and ending relationships to find the ideal partner can leave individuals feeling emotionally drained and unfulfilled. This perpetual dissatisfaction can lead to loneliness and a sense of emptiness.

  1. Missed Opportunities for Growth

Every relationship, even imperfect ones, presents an opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery. By discarding relationships when they are not perfect, individuals miss out on valuable lessons and the chance to become more resilient, compassionate, and understanding.

  1. Isolation

A pattern of discarding relationships can lead to social isolation. Over time, friends and family may become reluctant to invest in new connections with someone who habitually abandons them. This can result in a sense of alienation and loneliness.


The desire for perfection in relationships is a natural human inclination, but it can be a double-edged sword. While it’s essential to have standards and boundaries in relationships, an unrealistic pursuit of perfection can lead to the unnecessary abandonment of valuable connections. Instead of seeking unattainable ideals, individuals should consider embracing the beauty of imperfection and the potential for growth within the context of imperfect relationships. After all, it is often through our shared flaws and struggles that the most profound connections are forged.

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