Once In A Blue Moon


Accountable behavior examples include:

  1. Meeting deadlines: Completing tasks and projects on time as promised.
  2. Taking ownership: Acknowledging mistakes and taking responsibility for them.
  3. Transparency: Sharing information and communicating openly, especially when things go wrong.
  4. Following through: Fulfilling commitments and promises made to others.
  5. Adhering to rules and policies: Respecting company, community, or organization guidelines.
  6. Respecting others: Treating colleagues, peers, and superiors with respect and courtesy.
  7. Ethical decision-making: Making choices that align with moral and ethical principles.
  8. Continuous learning: Taking initiative to improve skills and knowledge.
  9. Feedback acceptance: Receiving and responding constructively to feedback.
  10. Environmentally responsible: Acting in ways that consider the impact on the environment.

These behaviors contribute to personal and professional accountability.

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