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It’s Bulbasaur!

Pokedex Entry #001

Category: Seed Pokรฉmon
Type: Grass/Poison
Height: 2′ 04″
Weight: 15.2 lbs

Description: Bulbasaur, the Grass and Poison-type Pokรฉmon, is a charming and resilient creature that marks the beginning of every Trainer’s journey. Its distinctive appearance includes a lush green body, four sturdy legs, and a mysterious seed planted firmly on its back. This seed serves as both its defense and a source of nourishment.


  • Overgrow: Bulbasaur possesses the unique ability Overgrow, which enhances its Grass-type moves when it’s in a pinch, making it a formidable adversary in battles.


  • HP: Bulbasaur boasts a decent amount of Hit Points, granting it endurance and longevity in battles.
  • Attack: Although not known for its physical strength, Bulbasaur can still pack a punch when needed.
  • Defense: Its strong and protective shell ensures that it can endure many challenges.
  • Special Attack: Bulbasaur possesses a remarkable Special Attack, allowing it to unleash potent Grass-type moves.
  • Special Defense: With its inherent resilience, Bulbasaur can withstand even the most potent special attacks.
  • Speed: While not the fastest Pokรฉmon, Bulbasaur’s agility is respectable, enabling it to react swiftly when required.

Behavior: For some time after its birth, Bulbasaur primarily relies on the nutrients stored within the seed on its back for sustenance and growth. This unique adaptation allows it to survive and thrive in various environments, from dense forests to open grasslands. Bulbasaur is known for its docile and loyal nature, making it an ideal companion for aspiring Trainers.

Weaknesses: Bulbasaur’s Grass and Poison-type attributes grant it distinct strengths, but they also come with weaknesses. It is susceptible to Fire-type moves, Ice-type attacks, Flying-type Pokรฉmon that can swoop down from above, and the cunning Psychic-type abilities.

Conclusion: Bulbasaur, with its endearing appearance and versatile abilities, is a fascinating Pokรฉmon that embodies the beauty and tenacity of nature. Its symbiotic relationship with the seed on its back symbolizes its role as a protector and a source of hope, making it an ideal partner for any Trainer setting out on their Pokรฉmon journey.


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