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An idiom is a phrase or expression that has a figurative or non-literal meaning, often unique to a particular language or culture. Idioms are typically composed of a group of words whose combined meaning is different from the literal meanings of the individual words. These expressions can be challenging for non-native speakers to understand because their meanings are often rooted in cultural or historical context.

Idioms are used in everyday language to convey ideas, emotions, or concepts more vividly or succinctly. They often add color, humor, or depth to a conversation or written text. Some examples of English idioms include “barking up the wrong tree,” “hit the nail on the head,” and “break a leg.” These idiomatic phrases have meanings beyond the literal interpretation of their individual words, and their usage is widely understood by native speakers.

Idioms can be culturally specific, and different languages have their own unique idiomatic expressions. Learning idioms is an important aspect of becoming fluent in a language and understanding the nuances of its usage.

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