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April 17, 2024

Article of the Day

Action Over Emotion: Why What You Do Matters More Than How You Feel

In a world where emotions often take center stage, there exists a profound truth: it doesn’t really matter how you…

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In order to utilize IDLE for running Python scripts, it’s necessary to have IDLE installed through the Python installer mentioned in the preceding sections. After successful installation, you can effortlessly open and execute Python scripts directly from your desktop using the Finder application’s context menu.

Follow these steps to accomplish the process:

Step 1: Locate Your Python Script Using the Finder tool, navigate through your directories to find the specific Python script you intend to execute. Alternatively, you can expedite the search by utilizing the search field within Finder.

Step 2: Access the Context Menu Right-click on the name of the file corresponding to the Python script. This action will trigger the appearance of the context menu, offering various options.

Step 3: Choose IDLE.app for Opening Within the context menu, select the “Open With” option. This selection will unveil a list of applications capable of handling the file. From this list, opt for IDLE.app.

Step 4: Execute the Script Once IDLE launches and displays the content of the script in a dedicated window, you’re ready to run it. To initiate the execution, refer to the menu located at the top of the screen. Click on the “Run” menu and subsequently choose the “Run Module” option.

For added convenience, you have the option of using the F5 key as a shortcut to execute the module. Upon running the module (your designated script), the output generated will be presented within the IDLE shell window.


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