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  1. The Weakerthans: Known for their introspective lyrics and catchy melodies, The Weakerthans achieved critical acclaim with their indie rock sound.
  2. Royal Canoe: This experimental indie pop band blends intricate harmonies, catchy hooks, and electronic elements to create their unique sound.
  3. The Bros. Landreth: With a mix of folk, roots, and rock influences, The Bros. Landreth deliver soulful melodies and exceptional musicianship.
  4. Yes We Mystic: Known for their dynamic and theatrical performances, Yes We Mystic combines elements of indie rock, folk, and art-pop to create a captivating sound.
  5. The Lytics: A hip-hop group from Winnipeg, The Lytics bring high-energy beats, clever lyrics, and infectious hooks to their music.
  6. Imaginary Cities: This indie pop duo crafts infectious melodies and powerful vocals, showcasing their versatility in combining various genres.
  7. The Treble: Combining alternative rock with indie pop sensibilities, The Treble creates anthemic and emotionally charged music.
  8. Mise en Scene: A female-fronted indie rock band, Mise en Scene delivers powerful, guitar-driven songs with a touch of garage rock and pop sensibility.
  9. Slow Leaves: With his warm and intimate folk-infused indie sound, Slow Leaves (Grant Davidson) creates music that is introspective and heartfelt.
  10. Living Hour: This dream pop/shoegaze band creates atmospheric and ethereal soundscapes with haunting melodies and lush arrangements.


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