Once In A Blue Moon

  1. “Every single time I start to do a picture, without fail, I feel as if I don’t know what I’m doing.”
  2. “I feel the need… the need for speed!” (from the movie “Top Gun”)
  3. “I love what I do. I take great pride in what I do. And I can’t do something halfway, three-quarters, nine-tenths. If I’m going to do something, I go all the way.”
  4. “I’ve learned over the years that the more you engage people, the more they engage you back.”
  5. “When you have to cope with a lot of problems, you’re either going to sink or you’re going to swim.”
  6. “Nothing ends nicely, that’s why it ends.”
  7. “I look at the Samurai because they were the artists of their time. What I think struck me when I read Bushido is compassion. ‘If there’s no one there to help, go out and find someone to help.’ That hit me because I try to lead my life like that.”
  8. “I don’t care who you are, life has challenges.”
  9. “I’m passionate about learning. I’m passionate about life.”
  10. “I’ve never made a film that I didn’t believe in, you know? However the picture turns out, I’ve always given everything to it.”

Please note that these quotes are attributed to Tom Cruise based on available sources, but their accuracy and context may vary.

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