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July 14, 2024

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Trust Not a Horse’s Heel nor a Dog’s Tooth – Deciphering the Meaning and Origins of the English Proverb

The English proverb “Trust not a horse’s heel nor a dog’s tooth” is a centuries-old piece of wisdom that serves…

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In a world laden with emotional intricacies and intricate relations, it is often tempting to hold onto the comforting prospect of reconciliation, especially when it involves someone you once held dear. The sagas of individuals waiting for a lost love to return are as old as time, woven through the annals of history and literature, seemingly glorifying the agony and the wait. However, as poetic as it may seem, waiting for someone to get back with you can be a perilous journey, potentially stalling personal growth and wellbeing. Here, we explore why it is essential to seize the reins of your life firmly, and foster an environment of growth and personal development, instead of dwelling in the realms of β€˜what might be’.

The Virtue of Moving On

1. Personal Growth and Self-Improvement

While it’s natural to yearn for the past, holding onto a relationship that has run its course can hinder your personal growth. Letting go allows you to embark on a journey of self-improvement, cultivating new skills, habits, and perspectives that nurture your evolution as an individual.

2. Emotional Wellbeing

Waiting for someone often brews a cocktail of anxiety, uncertainty, and sadness. Moving forward, on the other hand, opens the doors to emotional stability, where you learn to find happiness within yourself, rather than anchoring it to someone else’s presence in your life.

3. Opening Up to New Relationships

By clinging to the hope of reconciliation, you might inadvertently close yourself off to potential relationships. When you decide to move on, you allow yourself the freedom to explore new connections, fostering friendships and relationships that resonate with the person you have become, not who you once were.

Strategies to Foster a Life of Continuous Improvement

1. Setting Personal Goals

Leverage the power of goal setting to focus on personal achievements. Whether it’s pursuing a hobby, enhancing your skill set, or cultivating a fitness regime, setting personal goals directs your energy towards constructive endeavors.

2. Seeking Therapy and Counseling

To navigate the complex emotions that accompany the process of letting go, do not hesitate to seek therapy or counseling. Professionals can provide the necessary tools and insights to help you heal and move forward.

3. Building a Support Network

Surround yourself with friends and family who encourage your growth. A support network can provide the motivation and strength needed to venture into uncharted territories, facilitating personal development.

Embracing the Present: A Journey of Self-Discovery

When you decide to move on and not wait for someone to get back with you, you embrace the potent power of the present. The present moment, unhindered by the shackles of the past, offers a fertile ground for self-discovery and growth. Here, you learn to foster a relationship with yourself, nurturing your interests, passions, and aspirations.


In conclusion, while the idea of rekindling a lost love might seem romantic, it is imperative to evaluate the cost it exacts on your personal and emotional wellbeing. Remember, life is a ceaseless journey of growth and evolution. By choosing to move forward, you not only respect the natural progression of life but also honor your journey, embellished with experiences that mold you into a stronger, wiser, and more resilient individual.

As you traverse this path, remember that every moment is an opportunity to cultivate a life rich with experiences and learnings. So, unfetter yourself from the chains of the past, and step into the vibrant canvas of the present, where life awaits with open arms, ready to unveil the myriad hues of personal growth and fulfilment.


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