Once In A Blue Moon

  1. “Hey, Fluffy, do you prefer kibble or a five-star gourmet meal?”
  2. “Buddy, how about spilling the beans on all those secret squirrel meetings in the backyard?”
  3. “Whiskers, are you secretly plotting world domination, or is that just a cat stereotype?”
  4. “Fido, what’s your Netflix binge-watching recommendation? Bark to the Future, perhaps?”
  5. “Mr. Fish, why the long face? Oops, I mean, why the long fin?”
  6. “If you could talk, would you still pretend to be deaf when I ask if you want a bath, Mr. Snuggles?”
  7. “Fluffy, who’s your favorite superhero: Catwoman or Superdog?”
  8. “Do you think you’re a good boy, or do you know you’re a good boy, Rover?”
  9. “Princess, is it true you’ve been moonlighting as a ninja at night?”
  10. “Tell me, Sir Barks-a-Lot, what’s your dream job? Stand-up comedian or professional squirrel chaser?”
  11. “Whiskers, can you explain the physics behind your ability to knock things off shelves with such precision?”
  12. “If you could talk, would you finally confess to stealing all the socks, Mittens?”
  13. “Fluffy, are you secretly the CEO of a global catnip cartel?”
  14. “Fido, who do you think has more followers on social media, you or me?”
  15. “Do you think you could teach me your yoga skills, Zen Master Kitty?”
  16. “Buddy, how would you rate my singing when I serenade you with ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’?”
  17. “Mr. Snuggles, do you have any fashion tips for me? You always look so dapper.”
  18. “Rex, what’s the real reason you roll in mud puddles? Spa treatment or just rebellious fashion?”
  19. “If you could talk, would you share your top five embarrassing stories about me, Whiskers?”
  20. “Fluffy, can you finally explain your mysterious fascination with empty cardboard boxes?”

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