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Infidelity can vary depending on individual relationship boundaries and agreements, but here are some common situations that are generally considered infidelity:

  1. Physical Intimacy with Someone Else: Engaging in sexual activities with someone other than your partner.
  2. Emotional Affairs: Developing a deep emotional connection with someone outside of your relationship, sharing intimate thoughts and feelings.
  3. Flirting: Excessive and inappropriate flirting with someone who is not your partner.
  4. Kissing: Sharing passionate kisses with someone other than your partner.
  5. Online Relationships: Forming romantic or sexual connections with people online, even if they are not physically present.
  6. Secret Meetings: Meeting up with someone in secret, especially if you hide it from your partner.
  7. Lying or Deception: Lying to your partner about interactions or relationships with others.
  8. Keeping Secrets: Withholding important information or hiding aspects of your life from your partner.
  9. Intimate Texting or Sexting: Sending sexually suggestive messages or explicit content to someone other than your partner.
  10. Rekindling with an Ex: Rekindling a romantic or sexual relationship with an ex-partner without your current partner’s knowledge or consent.

It’s important to note that what constitutes infidelity can vary from one relationship to another. Clear communication and setting boundaries with your partner are essential to define what is acceptable within your specific relationship.

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