Once In A Blue Moon


The Journey Within by Harmony Seeker

Genre: Doomcore Lounge Verse:In the quiet of my soul, I seekA path where happiness runs deepSelf-reflection shows me the wayTo find joy in each passing day Chorus:Oh, happiness, elusive yet nearIn my heart, I hold it dearLetting go of what I’m told to beEmbracing what truly sets me free Verse:Gratitude, a gentle guiding lightIlluminates my […]

Carrots and Cunning: Looking Smart vs Being Smart

Eh, what’s up, doc? Today, we’re talkin’ about a topic that’s as tricky as Elmer Fudd on roller skates: lookin’ smart versus bein’ smart. Now, ya might see folks struttin’ ’round like they’ve got all the carrots in the patch, but hold on to your ears—there’s more to intelligence than meets the eye. Let’s start […]

Fortress of Habits

Genre: Eclectic Carnival Metal [Verse]Life’s tumultuous sea, waves crash, I stand tall,Habits forged in fire, sturdy amidst the squall,Calm waters deceive, storms test my resolve,Through the tempest’s rage, my courage evolves. [Chorus]Fortress of habits, armor strong and true,Guiding through chaos, I navigate anew,In the heart of adversity, I find my way,Habits forged in fire, leading […]

Rhythm of Resilience

Genre: Groovy Cyberpunk Funk [Verse]In the rhythm of the night, we strive,Pushing past limits, we’re alive,Mastery in every beat we make,Hard work, the path we undertake. [Chorus]Resilience fuels our fiery dance,Perseverance, our bold stance,Through the dark and the unknown,We find strength in every tone. [Verse]From the depths, we rise and ascend,Each note a story, a […]

Fruit of the Groove

Genre: Glamcore Disco Funk [Verse]In the neon glow, where the night begins,City streets alive with electric sins.Where the beat takes hold, and the rhythm’s sweet,In the heart of the town, where the dancers meet. [Chorus]Feel the rhythm, let the music sway,In the dance, we find our way.Like a tree known by its fruit,In every groove, […]

The Ogre’s Oath: Unveiling the True Hero Within

(Shrek – Shrek) Ah, gather ’round, ye seekers of truth and valor! In a world where the glare of superpowers blinds us to the humble heroes among us, it’s time we peel back the layers of illusion and discover what it truly means to be heroic. Now, don’t be fooled by the glitz and glamour […]

Algorithmic Harmony

Genre: Cyberpunk Synthwave [Verse]In lines of code, a world unfolds,Where logic reigns and stories are told,Step by step, we find our way,In the dance of algorithms, night and day. [Chorus]Algorithms, guiding light,In the realm of ones and zeros, shining bright,From inputs to outputs, they pave the road,In the language of logic, they carry the code. […]

Better Than Yesterday

Genre: Glam Rock Dance Pop [Verse 1]Every sunrise brings a canvas new,Lessons learned and a chance to renew.Steps are small but the journey’s vast,With each day built on the last. [Chorus]Grow a little more than before,Close the gap, open every door.Aim for stars, though they seem so far,With every step, you raise the bar. [Verse […]

Echoes of Earth

Genre: Rock Ballad Verse:In a world of waste, where dreams decay,Echoes of our past, won’t fade away,Every plastic tide, every poisoned stream,Whispers of a future, like a haunting dream. Chorus:Recycle, renew, let the Earth sing,In the dance of life, let our voices ring,For every can, every bottle we save,We pave a path, to a brighter […]

Keep Moving On

Genre: Jubilant Dance Pop Synthwave [Verse 1]In a world that moves so fast,I take each step to make it last,Small wins lead me through the haze,In the dark, I find my ways. [Chorus]Keep moving on, don’t you see?Slow and steady, we’ll break free,Every step, no matter small,Leads us where we’re meant to be. [Verse 2]Lessons […]

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