Once In A Blue Moon


Brave Birds Still Fly

[Verse]In the mist, they take flight,Wings beating against the gray,Guided by an unseen light,Brave birds lead the way. [Chorus]Brave birds still fly through fog,Through the haze, they find their song,In the darkest mist, they soar,Their courage carries them along. [Verse]Through uncertainty they glide,Never fearing what’s unseen,In the fog, they do confide,That hope shines where faith’s […]

Broken Water Pump Blues

(Rock and Roll) [Verse]My Jeep Liberty, so fine,With a water pump that won’t shine,On the road, it’s a real fuss,Leaking coolant, making a fuss. [Chorus]Oh, broken water pump, why?Leaving me high and dry,Jeep Liberty, my old friend,Hope this trouble comes to an end. [Verse]On the highway, feeling low,Engine overheating, oh no,Stuck in traffic, feeling the […]

Morning Bliss

(Classic Rock) Verse:Sunlight streams through the glass,Cookies crumble, memories amass.Sipping coffee, feeling blessed,In this moment, we’re truly immersed. Chorus:Morning bliss, coffee’s embrace,With cookies, time we efface.In this warmth, worries flee,Just you, me, and reverie. Verse:Aromas dance, flavors meld,In this quiet, stories swelled.Sharing secrets, dreams, and laughter,In this harmony, nothing’s after. Chorus:Morning bliss, coffee’s embrace,With cookies, […]

Rolling Fun

(Rock Ballad) [Intro]Lacing shoes, balls in hand,Gathered friends, a merry band,Uptown alley, neon glow,Adventure starts, let’s go! [Verse]Balls roll down, pins they scatter,Laughter rings, nothing’s flatter,Uptown alley, joyous clatter,Bowling bonds, nothing matters. [Chorus]Strike after strike, hearts ignite,Bowling adventure, soaring height,Spare or strike, in sync we fight,Uptown alley, feels just right. [Bridge]Neon lights dance, colors flow,Competition […]

The Wanderer’s Lament

(Scottish Folk Song) [Verse]Half-cut in a kilt, dancing free,Through meadows green, a sight to see.Sprinklers twirl in the summer’s glee,As I stumble on, wild and carefree. [Chorus]He left the pub, his path unbent,His wife’s concern, her thoughts lament.Expected home, the hour’s ascent,But where he roams, remains unkent. [Verse]Lost in the fields, beneath the sky,Avoiding hazards […]

Rusty Transformer

(Rock Anthem) [Verse]Subaru Impreza, rusty but strongTransforms with deception all alongHidden power beneath the rustShifting gears, earning trust [Chorus]Rusty transformer, don’t you see?Beauty within, just let it beUnderneath the worn-out crustLies a heart that won’t combust [Verse]Racing through the winding roadsStories untold, yet to unfoldEach scratch a mark of battles wonIn the race of life, […]

Mothers of the Heart

[Verse 1]From ancient times, across the lands,Maternal love has shaped our hands.In every corner of the earth,Mothers lift us, our spirits birth. [Chorus]Mothers, our hearts sing for you,In all you do, your love shines through.You lead our steps, from start to end,Our lifelong guide, our truest friend. [Verse 2]Each May arrives, and with it bringsA […]

The Path of Acceptance

[Verse]In a world of expectations, we lose our way,Chasing dreams that lead astray.Disappointment and stress, they cloud our minds,But there’s a different path we can find. [Chorus]Let’s stop expecting, start accepting,Embrace the journey, it’s liberating.With open hearts and minds, we’ll find,The beauty in life’s design. [Verse]Disappointment lurks when things don’t go as planned,But maybe there’s […]

Simulation to Real

Verse 1:We start with mimicry, a shadow’s danceCopying steps, giving fate a chanceA veil of pretend on a fledgling stanceIn the masquerade, we find advance Chorus:Fake it till you make it, they sayCrafting selves along the wayIn false attires we boldly swayUntil our truths have their say Verse 2:Veiled in roles we dare to exploreNew […]

The Hymn of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

[Verse]In the cosmic kitchen, where stars align,There’s a deity with pasta divine.With meatball eyes and noodle embrace,The Flying Spaghetti Monster, in his place. [Chorus]Oh, Flying Spaghetti Monster, hear our plea,In your saucy love, there is revery.With colanders high, we raise our voice,In your noodly presence, we rejoice. [Verse]From a letter penned with wit and jest,Sprung […]

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