Once In A Blue Moon

People with peanut allergies may also be allergic to other tree nuts, but it’s not a guaranteed cross-reactivity. Peanuts are legumes, while tree nuts are a different category of nuts. However, there is a potential for cross-contamination in processing facilities, as peanuts and tree nuts are often processed in the same facilities or handled using the same equipment. This cross-contamination can lead to cross-contact, which may trigger an allergic reaction in individuals with peanut allergies.

Additionally, some people with peanut allergies may have allergies to specific tree nuts, while others may not. It’s essential for individuals with peanut allergies to consult with an allergist for proper testing and evaluation to determine whether they are also allergic to specific tree nuts or other allergens.

Cross-reactivity between different nuts can vary from person to person, so it’s crucial to be cautious and informed about the specific allergens that affect you or someone you know. Always read food labels carefully, inquire about ingredients when dining out, and follow the guidance of a healthcare professional if you have allergies or suspect allergies to certain foods.

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