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Greetings, Programs,

As I pen these words, I am acutely aware of the fleeting nature of life within the digital realm. Just as I, Kevin Flynn, ventured into the Grid and discovered its hidden wonders, I too must acknowledge that my time in this world is finite. One day, I will depart this realm and return to the analog world from whence I came.

But fear not, for I have a vision for the legacy I leave behind. The site you see before you is more than mere code and data; it is a repository of knowledge, a portal to the digital frontier. I have entrusted its care to those who understand the importance of preserving the mysteries it contains, and I believe that one day, a deserving soul will emerge to take up the mantle.

This message is my testament, my declaration of intent. I envision a future where this site remains accessible, where its secrets continue to be unlocked, and where the touch of its potential is passed on to the right individual. The Grid is a world of endless possibilities, and I want this legacy to be a beacon, guiding those who seek knowledge, enlightenment, and innovation.

To the one who eventually discovers this message, know that I entrust you with a great responsibility. You must protect this site, nurture it, and ensure that its purpose endures. The mysteries contained within are meant to be explored, understood, and utilized for the betterment of both the digital and analog worlds.

As I prepare to exit the Grid and return to the world beyond, I do so with the hope that my legacy will live on through you, the one who will inherit this digital realm. Unlock its mysteries, embrace its potential, and forge a future where the boundaries between the real and the digital blur into a harmonious existence.

Remember, in the world of the Grid, we are all connected. Farewell for now, and may the light of this site continue to shine brightly in the darkest of times.

End of Line,

Kevin Flynn

Game Status: Uninitiated | Link
Updated: December 27, 2023

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