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Why Do People Live Within Societal Roles and Expectations According to H.G. Wells?

In his renowned work “Tono-Bungay,” H.G. Wells explores the concept of individuals living “in character,” conforming to societal roles and expectations. This notion prompts a thought-provoking question: Why do most people seem to adhere to predetermined societal norms and play specific roles throughout their lives? Wells’ observation about individuals living “in character” suggests that societal […]

Living In Character: The Theatricality of Human Existence

In his renowned work “Tono-Bungay,” H.G. Wells astutely observes the human condition, likening individuals to character actors on life’s grand stage. He delves into the notion that most people seem to navigate life according to predetermined roles, complete with a beginning, a middle, and an end. These roles, he suggests, are congruous with societal norms […]

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