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July 22, 2024

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Introduction: Each day offers a fresh opportunity to make the most of your time, energy, and potential. By striving to…

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Online Flash Card App

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Click Here to Use the Flash Card Application for Effective Learning


This flash card application is in the final stages of development (the stage where it becomes open for users to try it out, which is very exciting for me to share hours of tuning to create the desired flash card experience I feel was missing in the space!) Please follow these guidelines for the best experience:

  • Read Instructions: Familiarize yourself with how the application works.
  • Log In: Sign in to ensure your cards are saved and synchronized across devices.
  • Back Up Cards: Use the Copy All Card Text button regularly and save the text in a document on your device.

Getting Started

To use the Flash Card Application:

  1. Access the Application: Open the page on your WordPress site where the Flash Card Application is hosted.
  2. User Interface Overview: The interface has sections for adding, editing, and viewing flashcards, along with gauges to track your progress.

Adding New Flashcards

Create new flashcards with the following steps:

  1. Enter Front Text: Type the text for the front of the card in the Enter text for the front input box.
  2. Enter Back Text: Type the text for the back of the card in the Enter text for the back input box.
  3. Add the Card: Click the Add Card button to add your flashcard to the deck. A random flashcard will be displayed on the screen.

Viewing and Flipping Flashcards

To view and flip flashcards:

  1. View Flashcard: The current flashcard is shown with the front side visible by default.
  2. Flip Flashcard: Click on the card to flip it and view the back side. Click again to return to the front.

Editing Flashcards

To edit existing flashcards:

  1. Open Edit Mode: Click the ✏️ button on the flashcard you want to edit. The Edit Card section will appear.
  2. Edit Text: Modify the text in the Edit text for the front and Edit text for the back input boxes.
  3. Save Changes: Click the Save Changes button to update the flashcard.
  4. Cancel Editing: Click the Cancel button to exit edit mode without saving changes.

Rating Flashcards

Rate flashcards based on your confidence:

  1. Good: Click the Good button (green) if confident about the flashcard’s content. This increases the card’s success score.
  2. Bad: Click the Bad button (red) if you find the flashcard challenging. This decreases the card’s success score, making it appear more frequently for review.
  3. Skip: Click the Skip button (gray) to view another random flashcard without affecting its score.

Deleting Flashcards

To remove a flashcard:

  1. Remove a Flashcard: Click the πŸ—‘οΈ button on the flashcard. It will be permanently deleted from your deck, and a new flashcard will be shown if any are left.

Managing Flashcards

Manage your flashcard deck with these features:

  1. Deck Size: Each flashcard shows the total number of cards in the deck in the top left corner, helping you track your progress.
  2. Random Selection: Flashcards are shown randomly, with those having lower success values appearing more frequently. This weighted randomization helps you focus on the flashcards you struggle with the most.
  3. Save and Load: Flashcards are automatically saved to your user account. When you revisit the application, your flashcards will be loaded, allowing you to continue seamlessly.

How the Flash Card Application Decides the Next Card

The system uses a weighted randomization algorithm to select the next flashcard:

  1. Success Score: Each flashcard has a success score that changes based on your ratings. Cards with lower scores appear more frequently to help you review challenging content.
  2. Recent Positive Changes: Cards that have recently improved on the positive side of zero have a higher likelihood of being selected.
  3. Balanced Difficulty: The system ensures a mix of cards with varying difficulty levels, prioritizing those that need more review.

Using Gauges to Track Progress

The application includes several gauges to help you track your learning progress:

  1. Balance Gauge: Displays the balance between positive and negative ratings. It helps you understand how much more content you find difficult compared to what you find easy.
  2. Mana Gauge: Represents the percentage of cards with positive success scores. A higher percentage indicates better confidence in the overall deck.
  3. Fog Gauge: Shows the percentage of cards that have been rated (either positively or negatively). It helps track how much of the deck you’ve interacted with.
  4. Quest Gauge: Displays the total number of interactions with the cards. It increments by 1 each time you rate a card as Good or Bad. The current count is displayed in the center of the bar.

Managing the Deck

Manage your flashcards with these options:

  1. Copy All Cards Text: Click the Copy All Cards Text button to copy the text of all flashcards to your clipboard.
  2. Restart: Click the Restart button to reset all success numbers to 0. This action requires confirmation and helps in revisiting all cards from scratch.
  3. Delete All Cards: Click the Delete All Cards button to remove all flashcards from your deck. This action requires confirmation and is irreversible.


Common issues and solutions:

  1. Cannot Add Flashcards: Ensure text is entered for at least the front side. Verify your internet connection.
  2. Flashcards Not Loading: Refresh the page and ensure you are logged into your account.
  3. Edit Mode Issues: Ensure you click Save Changes after editing.
  4. Deleting Flashcards: Confirm deletion as it is irreversible.


We value your feedback to improve our application. Please click here to provide your thoughts and suggestions.

Support My Work

If you find this application helpful, consider supporting us:

(No one has donated yet.. but if you provide your email while donating in the form, and do either weekly or monthly subscription of any amount I will develop the site to function for you ad free while you are subscribed.)


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